NLG Code of Conduct Form

Next Level Radio Code of Conduct

1. Must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of show. If a show is on the air you are more than welcome to enter and sit in the back as to not be a distraction to the show that is already in progress. Overtime Fees will be assessed only if the shows broadcast runs over agreed contract time and it is not at fault of the studio.

2. If you are unable to make a show airing please notify a member of the management team by phone at least 24 hours before your show time. If unable to notify the management team 24 hours before please ensure you speak with a member of management by phone at the earliest moment. Management will then ensure that your show time is covered with minimal impact to our listeners.

3. Studio must be cleaned up prior to your departure.  Any item brought in for a show needs to be removed at the end of the show.  If you are unable to remove the items at the end of the show you have 48 hours to arrange for the items to be removed or Next Level Group Radio will remove the items for you.  NLG Radio will determine how and where the property is removed from the station if arrangements have not been made within 48 hours. 
If the studio is not clean when you leave you will be charged a $50.00 fee.  
If there is an issue with cleanliness when you arrive for your show please contact one member of the management team immediately for review. 

4. Shows may not maintain any unpaid balance for more than 30 days. Once your unpaid balance is past 30 days your show will be suspended for one month. 

5. If you are drinking alcohol in the studio you are responsible for making sure everyone is over the age of 21 and taking your alcohol with you when you depart the studio.  

 *If you leave your alcohol it becomes property of Next Level Group Radio and can be used by anyone in the studio.  NLG Radio will not be held responsible for any form of repayment for missing alcohol.  

  *Additional details are outlined in your studio contract section 3 Terms of Use paragraph’s 3 and 4

6. Drugs of any kind are prohibited from the station.  
Additional details are outlined in your studio contract section 3 Terms of Use paragraph’s 3 and 4

7. All show formats that use ASCAP or BMI Artist’s prerecorded music must be submitted 72 hours prior to the day of the show or music will not be permitted during the duration of the show. If your show is not permitted to play music and you choose to break the rule your show will be suspended immediately for 30 days. The management team is willing to provide additional details for this requirement upon request.

8. Guests are permitted for live show, however, any damages made to the studio or equipment will be the responsibility of the host of the show.

9. Keep your hands to yourself. Any act of violence or sexual harassment is prohibited inside of the studio or while we are engaged at any Next Level Group Radio event. If you are reported or involved in an incident then you will be removed and permanently barred from the studio and any future Next Level Group Events.

10. Use of the following types of words, comments, or statements are prohibited while on air and or in the presence of Next Level Radio related business. A code of conduct violation fee of $5.00 will be accessed for each use of this type of language.

 11. As outlined in your studio rental agreement you and your associated team members, will not directly nor indirectly promote another podcast, radio show, or radio station while working in any capacity of Next Level Radio without prior consent from Next Level Radio Management. This excludes guests you may feature while working in the capacity of Next Level Radio (ie Interviews, features on live broadcasts, etc You and associated team members will not combine promotion of Next Level Radio on any social media outlet with another podcast, radio show, or radio station without prior consent from Next Level Radio Management.

If you have a question or need additional clarification regarding any rule stated herein, please contact a member of the management team for further discussion. Please ensure each member of your team signs in understanding and acknowledgement of this code of conduct.

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